“It’s a poor sort of memory that only looks backwards.”
—Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

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Peter’s yad (Torah pointer) collection

“Where can I find someone
who has forgotten words so
I can have a word with him?”

Peter at Tunghai University, Taiwan, winter 1970

Peter at Tunghai University, Taiwan, winter 1970

Peter’s newest book, Host of Memories: Tales of Inevitable Happenstance, will be available in spring 2015.

To schedule a talk, program, or book-signing event, call or email PenPower Book Marketing Services at 505.395.4540 or info@penpowersf.com or use our online request form below.

Host of Memories now on Kirkus Reviews
“Focusing Proust-like on the objects that embody memories, Lighte hosts a tour of his life, from an American Jewish upbringing to a career in China and London. He exploits both meanings of the title by taking on the role of solicitous tour guide. These are lively, evocative autobiographical essays.”
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